Osborne County Memorial Hospital (OCMH) is a Critical Access Hospital located in Northcentral Kansas.  OCMH is a county owned hospital serving Osborne County and the surrounding communities.  Governed by a board of 5 individuals appointed by the Osborne County Commissioners.


Osborne County Memorial Hospital (OCMH) was built as a district hospital in 1958. It was later transferred to Osborne County ownership through a vote of the people.  


The responsibility and authority for determining the hospital's mission, values and vision lies with the governing board.  The board also is responsible for working with senior management to develop the goals, objectives and policies that grow out of, and are measured against, our mission, values and vision.  Defining the hospital's mission and outlining a compelling vision of our future, with a recommended course of action to fulfill that vision, are among the most important contributions the board makes to our hospital's success.


The fiduciary responsibilities of the board are also important.  The Board and Administration work together to establish an annual budget.